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Applying Games In Corporate Trainings


Applying Games In Corporate Trainings

What if games become a part of corporate learning and development? This is a reality today. Gone are the days when a new hire had to go through boring slides in the name of online training. With the help of technology and Kenoobi Games, corporate training is undergoing a much-needed change. Game-based learning has become a popular trend and HR managers are inculcating it in their training curriculum for maximum participation.

What is Kenoobi Games corporate training solution?
Kenoobi Games training solution means teaching a subject-matter to employees through virtual/ non-virtual games. Due to the fun element, this solution is becoming one of the most successful corporate training tips. Through these games, employees learn interesting concepts and use them in jobs.

We include game-like elements to non-game situations. Rewarding employees, grading system, role-play are all ways Kenoobi Games gamifies a corporate situation or learning process. We have a detailed article on some of the gamification elements Kenoobi Games uses for engagement.

The reasons why our clients use games for training:
• Entertaining and engaging way to learn concepts through participation in the game
• Promotes Analytical thinking and Problem Solving attitude
• Involves simulation techniques to enable students to experience real-life situations without anything at stake.
• Interactive and team-based games promotes relationship-building
• Graduating to higher levels in the games fosters self-motivation naturally

Some examples of Game-based training are:

1. The Deloitte Business Simulation game: This game trains employees on subjects like corporate responsibility and sustainability. The experiential module helps to enhance management skills through real-world situations.

2. Mind Share by Cisco: This game helps employees to improve their networking skills for the Cisco Certification. This game has 3 levels of difficulty to promote unbiased learning.

You can view more games we have worked on here: “Games We Have Made.

Ready To Create Your First Games For Corporate Training? Take Action!

In this article, I have shared with you some key benefits about our gamification solution for corporate training.

If you feel concerned and see a potential use of these methods, we are ready to assist you!

Contact us at: games(at) or 254705286145

Allan works as the business development manager and leads Kenoobi Group long term vision. He is responsible to drive market share growth in designated territories which Kenoobi's brands operate.

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