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Big Data Analytics by Kenoobi


Big Data Analytics by Kenoobi

Big data is defined by the 5 Vs- Volume, Velocity, Variety, Veracity and Value. It usually refers to a very large set of data that needs to be analyzed in a manner most beneficent to the company. This process of analyzing big data is known as big data analytics. Companies spend lots of money for the analysis of their data. Analyzing data and business trends take a lot of time and effort and this in turn increases the cost associated with it.

Nowadays, almost all big data analytics companies use Hadoop for faster and more accurate analysis of data. The companies base their big data platforms on Hadoop. There are 3 types of analysis namely- predictive, descriptive and prescriptive.

It is always better to hire a big data analytics company for analyzing the data of your company for the benefit of the business. Hiring a big data analytics company is better in many terms as compared to employing the IT section of your company into analyzing the data.

Why Employ Big Data Analytics Company?

  • Cost reduction: big data analytics companies make use of proper analytics tools such as Hadoop and cloud-based analytics which are more economical and helpful in storing and analysing the data.
  • They help in better decision making by accurate analysis of data. Immediate analysis of situations and data help in quick decision making that always proves beneficial for the business.
  • They help to update offers and services to suit the needs of more people. This allows the company to address the business needs in a better way.

Kenoobi Group also specializes in big data analytics through Kenoobi Data. We offer the best data analysis using the best available tools. Our analysis will ensure better productivity and profit for your business.

Why Choose Kenoobi Data?

  • We work on best big data platforms like Hadoop.
  • We use structured and unstructured data from multiple sources.
  • Our analytical models are integrated with data visualization and presentation tools.
  • We use clustering and segmentation technique for the analysis of data.
  • We do proper organization of data to reap maximum benefit.
  • We define clusters according to similarities and correlation.
  • We ensure safe, secure, quick and hassle-free delivery of results.
  • We have experience of delivering many successful data analyzing projects that suit the client’s purpose and budget.
  • Our team works in constant contact with the market and the client to deliver the best suited results which are at par with the market standards.
  • There is scope of continuous evaluation and improvisation.
  • The IT team of your company does not have to worry about the analysis of data and can focus on core business issues.

You just have to contact us to hire a team of dedicated, experienced and expert professionals to sort out your data and be assured of the best quality with maximum benefits and least worries.


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