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Communicating Design Feedback to Kenoobi Creative


Communicating Design Feedback to Kenoobi Creative

Step 1. Provide your own creative brief or complete the creative brief that Kenoobi Creative provide for you.  

When you order your logo, banner or any other design work with Kenoobi Creative ensure that you provide us with as much information as possible.  Don’t just type two words per field and then expect us to do a great job. For example; if you are a builder don’t just mention that you build houses.

Provide our team with a proper description just like you would when you are describing your company to a customer or client.  Provide the right information on what your business or organization offers, who your customer or clients are and let them know what you prefer.


Step 2. Look through our chosen portfolio or previous work page and let us know what you may prefer.

You may think, but I don’t have a preference and I don’t want them to copy.  So that you know, any great designer will not copy other work and if you don’t have a preference, you may think this but once you look at our portfolio or designs on the internet, you may change your mind and immediately know that you do in fact have preferences.

Mention logos or websites that appeal to you from the very beginning of the project, on the creative brief.  If possible, send us an email with images or links of logos that appeal to you.  It’s even better if you can mention why you like those logos or banners, if you like the colours, fonts, style, layout etc.  and which areas of the logos or websites appeal to you the most.

By providing this information you will be guiding our designer in the right direction.  Because without the right information from you, even the best designer in the World may not get it right.  There are millions of ways that a designer can design something for you whether it is a brand/logo design, website, business card or stationery.  But by knowing what you prefer then you are eliminating millions of options that don’t apply to you and your business or organization.

You may think, but Kenoobi Creative should know what to design for me based on what my business offers?  Even though a brand/logo or any design work is created to be suitable to what your business does, who your clients are etc.  Every brand is different and in a large way the brand and business represent who is leading it, whether it is the owner, a group or a team.  The brand becomes unique when it delivers a message and represents the people behind it.


Step 3.  Have patience during the design process.

All design projects involve a process.  At Kenoobi Creative, we have dealt with clients that don’t want to give any feedback and they want us to design the best logo or website for them but they have not provided the right information and they don’t want to cooperate.  Then they expect a refund if they don’t like the initial concepts.

A refund can be provided in most occasions depending on what the terms are, but is this the best decision to make?  Because all projects involve a process, it is not wise to just give up.  If you do this with Kenoobi Creative you may find that you try another company/designer and the same thing happens over and over again.  Plus most designers charge an admin or exit fee to end a project that has already been started, meaning that you will be wasting thousands of shillings.

Any issues and a headache can all be avoided by providing the right information, providing examples of other work that appeals to you, providing helpful feedback during the design process and having patience.


Step 4. Do not expect to love the first concepts that you are provided with at revision

At Kenoobi Creative, we try to ensure that the client loves the initial concepts, but most approve their work like a logo at revision 2 or 4.  Because the logo is in a production stage, the logo is not a logo until it is approved, this is why it is called a concept.  It is an idea based on what you like and what you do, an idea that needs to be enhanced at most times to take it to the point to where it is your logo or in a state where it is ready to be finalised.

Patience is the key.  If your Kenoobi Creative assigned designer does not get the design right from the start it may be that they don’t have enough information on your company, your target market or your preferences, in most cases this does not mean that he/she is not a great designer and that they cannot achieve a great end result.

Your patience during this time is crucial, work with the designer to achieve perfection, don’t expect them to make all the decisions and give them proper feedback to help guide them in the right direction.

You may think, but this means that I will be designing the logo?  No, you will not.  The assigned designer designs your logo but you tell them what you want just like when you are having a house built, you make choices and let the builder know what you prefer right? well this is the same, you let your designer know what you want and they create it for , making recommendations based on what you need and what is right for you individual company or organization.

Now you know how to get the most out of a design company and have the perfect logo, banner or other work created! Start your design project with us by emailing as at creative(at)

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