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Why consistency is important in every area of Kenoobi Group.


Why consistency is important in every area of Kenoobi Group.

Making Kenoobi Group one of the greatest business around wont happen overnight. It will be a continuous process in which growth will be compounded over time.

If each one of our customers referred Kenoobi Group’s brands to one new customer, then this word of mouth marketing alone could eventually bring in hundreds or even thousands of customers to our offices.

Thus, consistency is important to us because:

  • It let’s our customers know what to expect.
  • It lets them also know why they should do business with Kenoobi Group.
  • It allows us to measure and benchmark – to know how our brands are doing and how to improve.

Excuses such as, never-enough people/time/money reality of the small size of Kenoobi Group can make us feel like we’re chasing it down rather than leading it along, but instead we are committed to get in front of it with consistent standards and practices (ideally working hand-in-hand with a strong set of values), so that every aspect of Kenoobi Group benefits in the following ways:

Products/services: Being consistent with what each of Kenoobi Group’s brands sell is always a priority.

Customers: Meeting our customers consistently to understand their concerns is one of the key ways of keeping them happy and loyal.

Employees: All Kenoobi Group policies are standardized, unambiguous and in writing, making our employees to know what is expected of them and how they will be treated.

Suppliers: The primary manifestation of consistency with our suppliers is, of course, payment. Ideally that means Kenoobi Group paying on time, every time.

Operations: At Kenoobi Group all our basic operations are standardized. This has enable us establish systems and processes that our small team can master.

Growth: Consistency facilitates replication of strategies that work well at Kenoobi leading to growth and expansion.

Now this is really important: Consistent does not mean Kenoobi Group is boring or robotic. Put to best use, it is a road map for each area of Kenoobi. We always work hard on being extremely consistent without stifling creativity, discouraging individuality, or eliminating personal judgment and responsibility.

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