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Getting Started With Kenoobi Games Playable Ads.


Getting Started With Kenoobi Games Playable Ads.

Kenoobi Games playable ad is a mini-game experience that is launched as an interactive ad. It allows mobile users to play a short mini-game. Towards the end of the experience, the user is encouraged to install the full version of the app. In other cases, the user is redirected to a website, Facebook page, fill in their details, or any Call to Action (CTA) item depending on the client.

Kenoobi playable ads are the next evolution of banner and video ads. They offer far better engagement rates and value for money. With the explosive growth of mobile users, playable ads are becoming an important tool for brands to increase engagement and ROI on advertising spend.

Our playable ads work on mobile ad networks, microsites (landing pages), within native apps, social networks, offline kiosks and more. We’re able to penetrate the screen of almost every modern device, both in online and offline environments.


1. It starts with brainstorming the creative. Based on your goals, we shall create a wireframe (storyboard) of how the playable ad experience will look like.

2. Once the wireframe is approved, we shall prepare a list of brand assets required from your team. Depending on the scope of requirements, we normally take anywhere between 2-4 weeks to build a playable ad from scratch.

3. Once the development is complete, we shall repackage the playable ad for the different distribution channels that you require. For example, we can

a. Repackage the playable ad for Google, Facebook, AppLovin, Unity and more mobile ad networks.

b. Repackage the playable ad for microsites, landing pages, link them to social media posts, and more.

c. Repackage playable ad for integration into mobile apps and any online/offline system that supports HTML5 technology.


a. The users see the Playable Ad

b. They enjoy the short, fun game experience

c. They click to learn more(Call to Action)

Using playable ads as an advertising and marketing strategy is a smart move for a business since it engages your audience through every angle; they get to be entertained and also they can access the service or product you are offering. It entices audiences from every social class. Get Started:

Diana works as a Media and Communications Executive at Kenoobi Group. She plans and directs the Kenoobi's overall communication strategy including overseeing employee communications and marketing the company's image to clients and the general public. She also consults with executive management personnel on communication strategies for the organization.

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