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Kenoobi Data GCP High Speed Transfer


Kenoobi Data GCP High Speed Transfer

Kenoobi Data High Speed Transfer service is a solution that uses a high capacity storage server from Google that enables you to transfer up to one petabyte of data on a single appliance and the data is uploaded to Google Cloud Storage. You can serially lease multiple Transfer Appliances if your data size exceeds one petabyte.

With a typical network bandwidth of 100 Mbps, one petabyte of data takes about 3 years to upload. However, with our High Speed Data Transfer service, you can capture a petabyte of data in under 25 days without consuming any outbound network bandwidth.

Speeds of up to 100 Gigabits per second can be achieved in transferring data to remote sites. However, the speed at which data is transferred will always depend where the data is going to/coming from, the networks used and how well the remote infrastructure performs.

The service offers two models:

  • The rackable TA100, which stores from 100 terabytes (TB) up to potentially 200 TB of data, depending on the deduplication and compression ratio of your data.
  • The standalone TA480, which stores from 480 TB up to potentially 1 petabyte (PB).

Both models are available at Kenoobi Group as Beta products.

Is this suitable for me?

Our High Speed Transfer service is a good fit for your data transfer needs if:

  • You are an existing Kenoobi Data (GCP) customer.
  • It would take more than one week to upload your data.
  • Your data size is greater than or equal to 20TB.

Pricing table

The table below describes the fees associated with the different types of appliances.

Fees100 Terabyte High Speed Transfer480 Terabyte
High Speed Transfer
Use feeksh.30000ksh.180000
Free days1025
Late feeksh.3000 per dayksh.9000 per day

Apply for High Speed Data Transfer by emailing: data(at)

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