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Kenoobi Marketing Automation.

Marketing Automation refers to the use of software platforms to plan, synchronize, manage and measure all marketing campaigns both online and offline. Kenoobi consulting has upgraded its digital marketing service by including in-depth marketing automation. This will give our customers bold visibility on all digital platforms.

Our Marketing Automation process involves:

     1. Social Media accounts audit.

This is the process of assessing what’s successful and what is not for your company/organization, finding out who is connecting to your network, and which platforms are flooded with your customers. There is also tracking down your presence on social media and how you engage with your audience compared to your competitors.

During a social media audit, we observe online traffic from your line of business. An audit is important since it gives you an advantage over your competitors since you find their weakness and utilize them. The company/organization is able to learn more about their customers and prepare strategies to impress, satisfy and maintain them.

     2. Solution.                                         

 After a successful Audit, Kenoobi Consulting is able to come up with solutions for the problems and stagnant situations your company/organization has across social media by combining software, content, and strategy. Think of it as growing a garden. You need fertile soil, ripe for growth. You need seeds to sow. And you need water and light to nurture those seeds into a lush, blooming plant. With Kenoobi Marketing Automation, it’s easier to nurture leads (the seedlings) well enough to produce paying customers (a lush, full-grown plant).

To provide a permanent and satisfying solution to our clients, in obtaining solid marketing activities Kenoobi uses the following phases of implementation.

a) Infrastructure.

These are all platforms that deliver content to your channels and powers the tools you use to analyze and track the results. With the infrastructure, we first ensure you have an encrypted, fast and scalable website and social media accounts. Kenoobi then sets up a Customer relationship management to track leads and marketing activities, this improves your company’s/organization’s business relationship with customers.

There is setting up an account for email marketing and custom Sender ID and SMS tool for Bulk SMS marketing; this is one of the most successful marketing techniques now. At this phase, there is training your marketing team on using the tools setup above and assist you in recruiting talent where need be.

Finally, we provide a Search Engine Optimization set up that will help generate traffic and increase visibility on Google.

b) Analytics.

Kenoobi Consulting will assist your company in coming up with S.M.A.R.T goals for marketing campaigns, for example, sales, lead generation, customer education, traffic generation. Setting up the tools used to track campaign effectiveness and analyze competitors’ activities. They include Facebook Audience Insights, Google Trends, Mixpanel and Search Console. With tools in hand and goals in mind, your company needs to measure progress, all metrics obtained must correlate with the goals of the campaigns.

c) Content.

Kenoobi Consulting will assist with the following:

  • Content Editorial Calendar: Your company/organization will use the editorial calendar to plan out individual campaigns: The list of tweets, Facebook posts, articles, and home page updates to publish to the audience.
  • Content Creative: From the editorial calendar Kenoobi will create different media formats that will be delivered to the audience.

d) Channels.

We will assist your company/organization to push content to the following channels:

– Paid: You will spend money or other currency to appear on paid channels. They might include: Pay per click (PPC): Google Ad words, Bing Ads, Facebook. These are good for agile, tracked marketing spends.

– Earned: you have gained access to earned channels by getting people’s attention.

– Owned:  Owned channels are what your company/organization has 100% control or could control if wanted. For example web site, user-generated content (if licensed correctly), house e-mail list and any other content or assets you control and collect.

Choosing Kenoobi to take you through the process of Marketing Automation will not only increase your customer experience, productivity and revenue or help in maintaining a loyal customer but also empower your team to improve the outcome. Working with Kenoobi will be the best decision your company/organization will make when it comes to Digital Marketing. If you are interested in working with us contact us at;

Email address:

Phone no: 0712333831

For more information:

Diana works as a Media and Communications Executive at Kenoobi Group. She plans and directs the Kenoobi's overall communication strategy including overseeing employee communications and marketing the company's image to clients and the general public. She also consults with executive management personnel on communication strategies for the organization.

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