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Kenoobi’s Customer Relationship Management System.


Kenoobi’s Customer Relationship Management System.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is an automation that enables a company to manage its’ interaction with current and potential customers. It applies data analysis on customers’ history with the company to improve and retain a good business relationship with customers. The system enables companies maintain their connection with their customers and improve profitability increasing sales growth.

A customer is always the engine that keeps the company running since without customers a company becomes paralyzed. Customer relationship management system helps with nurturing a relationship with a customer thus acquiring loyalty which leads to a company retaining a customer and even gain new ones through referrals and flawless case studies.

Types of Customer Relationship Management.

Operational CRM.

Mainly focuses on sales, marketing and service. It deals with customer data whereby the company is able to know their leads and the number that have been converted and the ones failed, it also shows the number of loyal clients. It is an important tool for lead generation. The dashboard may provide past sales, previous marketing efforts, and more, summarizing all of the relationships between the customer and the firm.

Analytical CRM.

It analyzes the data that has been collected from various sources so that the management can understand the customers’ needs. Through analytical CRM a company is able to pick up small problems and create a solution thus achieving customer satisfaction. It suits  companies that are facing tight competition

Collaborative CRM.

In collaborative companies share customer information with other businesses and companies. Companies are able to access data that will improve their customers’ experience.

Steps for implementing CRM.

1. Identify why your company needs a CRM system.

Knowing why you need a CRM system for the growth of your company is really important. You can judge in terms of how your marketing and sales are in terms of ratings or how your data is stored and analyzed and how you’d like to communicate with your partners when it comes to satisfying your customers’ demands.

2. Choose a CRM system that fits your company’s goals and needs .

After you have identified why your company needs the system it will be easy for you to choose a system that will make it flexible and easy for you to achieve your goals and meet your customers’ demands.

3. Train a team that will use and maintain the CRM system.

Everything that is digital requires proper training. There are no better people to train like your own team since they understand the company inside-out and after they know how to use the CRM system they will easily guide the company on what to do.

4. Measure the progress of the CRM system and make necessary adjustments. 

As your company gets familiar and comfortable with the CRM system you picked, it is wise to measure the progress with reference to the growth of the company’s sales, together with the reviews and comments from the customers after you started using the system.

Advantages of using a CRM system.

1. Customer Loyalty.

Creating a connection with a customer ensures loyalty leading to a strong case study. CRM helps by strengthening the bond since customers feel welcome and comfortable in your company because of the past services/ good offered by your company.

2. Attract new customers.

CRM system not only enables you to track new customers but also helps in acquiring these customers through understanding their needs, the system also helps identify new targets.

3. Business expansion and credibility.

A good CRM system makes a business perform perfectly without delays or misunderstandings creating a spotless brand image. This puts the company on the map attracting more customers thus increasing the ranking.

4. Employee enlightenment and improvement.

Your employees are able to understand your customers through the analytics and in the process gain knowledge on how to approach and satisfy their needs and wants.

5. Cost-effective.

CRM system enables a company to save more whereby you can cut on marketing expenses and research. It also works 10 times faster than a marketing team in analyzing customers making a company work fast on solving problems.

Having an effective CRM system is a great move for a company especially a startup since your company will be organized from the very beginning, it will also be easy for the company to understand its customers’ needs and demands. Kenoobi consulting develops the best CRM systems in the country and at a very cost-friendly price.

Diana works as a Media and Communications Executive at Kenoobi Group. She plans and directs the Kenoobi's overall communication strategy including overseeing employee communications and marketing the company's image to clients and the general public. She also consults with executive management personnel on communication strategies for the organization.

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