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Send Smart, Grow Fast.


Send Smart, Grow Fast.

SMS Marketing is a marketing strategy that is based on sending SMS to a large number of people from different parts of the country or world. This is a scheme that has been embraced by most of the giant companies in Kenya such as Safaricom, Tuskys, Naivas, Bata and many more. Small businesses and companies haven’t been left out since a lot of them have adopted this marketing magic and it yields results for each of them.

SMS Marketing has a lot of advantages; it has made it easy and comfortable for both the company and the client. These are some of the benefits of using SMS Marketing;

1. You become personal to your client.

There is nothing more important to a company than developing a personal connection to their clients. People receive a lot of marketing emails and they ignore them since they become a nuisance and are sent to spam, the same happens with the adverts on social media since they become torture with flooded notifications.SMS are way personal since we only receive them from people who are close to us, it is so hard for someone to ignore an SMS since it could be important. Every SMS that we receive is personal and is treated with at most priority. When you are always in your customers’ inbox with relevant messages you become part of them.

2. High Open Rate.

Most consumers open their messages more than their emails or receive calls. This makes it beneficial for your company/organization. It is always irritating for one to have a message pop up all the time just because it is unread. 98% of the messages you send your clients are read and understood.

3. Cheap and high quantity coverage.

Compared to other forms of marketing like billboards and digital media SMS marketing is pocket-friendly and the best part is that it covers places other forms of media cannot reach. For example, Safaricom Limited is able to market its new products and services in Turkana, since there are ridiculously cheap cell phones that the consumers afford and access the message, the same consumer will not be able to view a billboard placed in Nairobi by a different company.

4. An apprehensive and easy way of communication.

Compared to TV commercials, newspaper ads, and billboards, you don’t need models or a production crew you just need the written message, this favors your marketing team since they don’t need to stretch a lot to come up with a catchy idea. Your customers on the other side will find the message short and comprehensible.

5. Customer Interaction.

With SMS marketing your team is able to directly interact with the customer whereby they can get information on what to upgrade, what to remove and what you are doing right. Customers develop trust since they are assured you care about their needs and complaints. This increases the chance of retaining them.

Becoming personal and a daily communicator to your customers is a huge step for a company and a great hop to success, you can achieve this through SMS marketing. Lucky for you Kenoobi Telkom offers this service at a great price.

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Diana works as a Media and Communications Executive at Kenoobi Group. She plans and directs the Kenoobi's overall communication strategy including overseeing employee communications and marketing the company's image to clients and the general public. She also consults with executive management personnel on communication strategies for the organization.

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